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Xidis Travel Agency SifnosXidis Travel Agency SifnosFor almost 100 years, the continuous presence of the name XIDIS in marine transportation, classifies the travel agency of IOANNIS XIDIS among the first places in the sector of issue and reservations of tickets for all passenger boats in the island of Sifnos. Ioannis Xidis was a pioneer in ticket issuing for passenger boats in Sifnos and one from the persons that contributed in the development of coastal connection of island, not only with the port of Piraeus, but with other islands of Cyclades as well. With the byway of years the attribute of central agent was transported by generation in generation. Among other legendary ships that occasionally served the coastal connection of Sifnos with Piraeus, Ioannis G. Xidis existed as a central agent of FB ESPEROS, FB KANARIS, , FB MIAOYLIS, FB IONION, FB MILOS EXPRES and FB AGIOS GEORGIOS.
Today the ultra-modern high-speed vesselsXidis Travel Agency Sifnos SPEEDRUNNER II and SPEEDRUNNER IV of Aegean Speed Lines as well as FB ADAMANTIOS KORAIS of ZANTE Ferries continue the tradition of Xidis family in the central agency of boats ferry boats.Xidis Travel Agency Sifnos The central agency of Xidis travel, is found in the commercial street of Apollonia (also known as 'steno') while an agency's branch is located in the port of Kamares, near the Sifnos Port Authority.
With the use of equipment of the latest technology in the ticket issuing and reservation, the experienced and specialized personnel of our agency is always found in your disposal and attends to your direct and fast service. Our agency innovates, with online ticket booking system in our website. We offer the best solutions in the best prices in the field of marine transportation of Sifnos and other destinations as well.Visit our agency and find out more for our offers.